Landing page devoted to ECEE Research. Consider content relating to CAREER awards, news stories about faculty awards or research successes/interests. There will be a section to list your current research disciplines, as stated in your Research menu > Research column. See below*

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*Each of the research discipline areas pages can be moved over and listed under this, but for now faculty listings on these pages should be simplified to names with links to iSearch profiles. Images are optional, and no movement. Kristin can help with this and or make an example! 🙂

Arts, media and engineering

Computer engineering

Control systems

Electric power and energy systems

Electromagnetic, antennas and microwave circuits

Electronic and mixed signal circuit design

Physical electronics and photonics

Signal Processing and Communications

New categories:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Electronic communications

Electromagnetics and microwaves

Electric vehicles

Information theory

Integrated circuits

Media and engineering

Mobile systems and internet of things



Power grid engineering

Quantum engineering

Radiation effects

Renewable energy and photovoltaics


Signal processing