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SEMTE Support Services

Information technology support

IT Support Overview

We support the computing environment in SEMTE to further the teaching, research and administrative functions of the school.

We provide information about the latest developments in computing technology to SEMTE faculty staff and students. Our goal is to stay up to date with all current and emerging technologies in order to remain a good resource for computer-related decisions. Along with providing assistance for technical problems, SEMTE IT is also the main contact for computer-related purchases.

If you are a staff or faculty member who needs IT Support for your current ASU owned computer, please request from a link below:

General IT request:  General IT Support

Computer Hardware Quotes : Computer Hardware Quote Request

Schedule a Support request: Schedule Support

Technology Move/Retire Request: Technology Move Retire Request

SEMTE IT Support group Provides IT support assistance to Faculty, Staff and Students. Due to the nature of this support, we utilize two Service Request Systems. “Service Now” for Faculty and Staff Request’s and “SalesForce” for Student Request’s

These systems also maintain much of the IT Help Articles/Knowledgebase. The search fields of the “Service Tab” is a very useful tool to search for IT related things.

Faculty, Staff, and Student Workers (Work Only)

Service Now is part of your My ASU Page ( under the “Service” Tab

For SEMTE IT Support, please click this link, Technology Support (FSE) and follow these steps:

  • Verify populated info (Name), change if needed:
  • Preferred Contact method: Select the preferred contact method (email or phone)
  • Property Control Number: Provide the PCs PCN Barcode (7 digit number)
  • Room: Type location (your office or were system is)
  • Building: Type out Building (ie ECG – Engineering Center G, ERC – Engineering Research Center)
  • Description: = Provide a detailed description of the issue.
  • Click “Submit” in the lower right corner to submit request.

Students (Academic only)

SalesForce are part of your Student My ASU Page ( under the “Service Center” Tab

Student “Service Center” tab will open and students can submit a New Case. (New Request, please provide as much info as possible.

If unsure, you can always send an email to [email protected] and we can assist with submitting a request to the proper system, just provide as much information as possible.

Computer Standards Policy

SEMTE IT is continually revising purchasing standards to comply with FSE and ASU policy and guidelines, the information below is subject to change at any time.

To streamline the level of support SEMTE, FSE, and ASU IT teams can provide to our users, we must focus on purchasing from our preferred “standard” computer manufacturers.

  • Dell – OptiPlex, Latitude, and Precision lines
  • Microsoft – Surface, Surface Pro, and Surface Book

And with proper technical justification and approval from SEMTE IT leadership and the school Director.

  • Apple – Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and iMac.
  1. Please review the following ASU/FSE Purchasing policies prior to submitting a ticket. To proceed, all purchases must be fully compliant with the following policies:
    Security Review  (may be necessary)
    ISO Data Handling Standards
    Sustainable Purchasing Guidelines
    ACD 125: Computer, Internet, and Electronic Communications Information Management Policy
  2. Please submit a ticket in ServiceNow. Tickets can be submitted by going to :
    Computer Hardware Quote Request.
  3. Please provide the business needs of the system you would like to purchase. If you are unsure of the business need, then please provide us with what information relating to how the system functions (office system, Graphics/CAD system, computational, etc.)
  4. SEMTE IT will attempt to create a quote through the SUNRISE system. If the requested hardware is not available on SUNRISE, SEMTE IT will make a best-effort attempt to mirror the purchasing request with available approved equipment through the SUNRISE system. Vendor sourcing exception approval can be made at the sole discretion of SEMTE IT.
  5. After your quote is generated, if needed, SEMTE IT will provide an FSE Hardware/Software Review process . Depending on the Data Type selected in step 2, this may cause further delays to process as the review process is more complex.
  6. After the FSE Hardware Review PDF ( if needed ) and your quote are completed, you will need to forward the email to your BOS/BOM for processing. SEMTE purchasing guidelines state that equipment should be purchased exclusively through SUNRISE, and only from other vendors if there is no alternative available. They will reach out to you for account selection to complete the purchase.


Please refer to the existing exceptions policy listed under the Computer Purchases section on the main IT Support Overview page. Exceptions must be based on technical requirements and not personal preference.

In the rare event that requested equipment does not meet FSE purchasing policies and requirements, exceptions can be at the discretion of the IT Manager and School Director. Exceptions to the standard must include:

  • Technical Justification – evaluated based on documented manufacturer’s technical requirements for hardware, software, and peripherals.
  • Legal or other requirements – evaluated based on technical, cost, or other factors identified by the request initiator with approval as needed.
  • Information relating to how the equipment does not comply with the standards mentioned in Step 1, and steps SEMTE IT is taking to mitigate that risk to the university.

Off-Campus Use of Equipment Authorization

Laptops, tablets, and smart devices may be taken off campus only after the Off Campus Equipment Loan form has been approved and submitted.
( for more info see Property Control System Manual )

File Sharing

Some users have been sharing files with third party vendors such as Egnyte and personal Dropbox. Many of these sites are not FERPA compliant and should never be used to store personal or sensitive information.

If you would like to share files, please Adhere to the Data Handling standards matrix found here.

Mobile Devices

It is required that SEMTE faculty and staff protect their mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, and laptops) with password protection and encryption if these devices receive work sensitive information.


In order to be compliant with ASU policy, faculty and staff are required by the university to implement encryption and other standard security measures on all devices accessing the ASU network. Many ASU personnel routinely handle sensitive information including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), student records, health records, financial records, and research data. Federal laws, state statutes, and industry standards apply civil penalties for failure to protect sensitive information adequately. Encryption plays a key role in keeping information safe by ensuring that it can’t be obtained through theft or eavesdropping.

Elevate Admin

Elevate Admin is an application to temporarily grant faculty & staff administrative level user account access on a local workstation (asurite account is elevated to admin temporarily), notify an IT unit, and document the elevated permission. Faculty & staff can use this application when currently logged-in as a non-administrative user to perform administrative tasks on the local computer.

This application was developed by Engineering Technical Services in the Fulton Schools to assist IT units with departmental compliance of the Information Security Office’s Privileged Accounts Standard, which assists in establishing acceptable practices that support ACD125 as it applies to accounts with privileged access.

ASURITE Password requirements

In order to set a password, you must meet the minimum requirement of 10 characters containing at least one character from 3 of the 4 possible character types:

  • a lowercase letter
  • an uppercase letter
  • a number
  • a special character, including: ! % * _ – + = : . / ?

 Password services

PC Maintenance Window

SEMTE PCs receive Windows patches weekly Tuesday nights from 10 pm – 6 am on Wednesdays. If the PC is off-campus it should ideally be connected to the VPN during this time to maximize connectivity to our management infrastructure.

FSE & ASU Endpoint Management Policies ( links for full set )

Software is available from many different sources at ASU. Some is site licensed and free for use by everyone, some is available at a reduced price, and some is available through remote access. For the licensed software, please read the agreement terms since some software has restricted usage and specific terms that must be adhered to.

Fulton Domain

ASU-owned computers connected to the Fulton domain with the SCCM client have access to download a number of programs.

To download Available software through SCCM

Windows 10 – go to start menu -> Microsoft System Center -> Configuration Manager -> Software Center

The following links provide information about what software is managed by Engineering Technical Services

My Apps

Go to My ASU and select My Apps for a number of commonly used programs provided by ASU

Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA)

All FSE faculty, staff, and students have access to the MSDNAA, which provides many Microsoft products free of charge (for instructional use).

Software Security Assessment

ASU requires that the department purchasing and implementing any software and/or technology implement appropriate security controls to safeguard data and university assets. This Self-Assessment is to be completed by each purchaser of hardware and software (including cloud software, SaaS, and software that is downloaded via the internet) that will be installed or used on ASU’s network (Technology).

The purpose of this Assessment is to ensure the safety and security of ASU’s network and data. Each of us at ASU is responsible for the security of ASU’s computer system, and we are individually responsible for any technology that we install or use. ASU purchases over 3,000 different types of software every year.

SEMTE IT supports machines tagged with an ASU property control number. You may also contact SEMTE IT to obtain quotes and request software. When requesting SEMTE IT support, please include the property control number of your computer, include some detail so we know how best to help you, and provide your contact information.

See the SEMTE IT Service Request section of this page for information on submitting a request.

Internet Connectivity

If you suspect that the problem is with your internet connection, please check the UTO System Health page for outage reports. If a general outage is not listed, then report your problem by submitting a service request.

Online Help

ASU provides many help guides and trouble-shooting information for various programs such as Blackboard, Outlook, and PeopleSoft. Search the “IT Help Articles/Knowledgebase” sections of the Service Tab on your My ASU Page.

Personal Equipment

SEMTE IT only provides service to ASU owned computers. Personal computer equipment and accessories that are not purchased via SEMTE Business office are not supported.