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Dissertation Prospectus

The student must have their proposed research approved by his/her Supervisory Committee by the end of the Fall semester of their 3rd year of study. It is the student’s responsibility to present their proposed research to their Supervisory Committee within the allotted time period. Each student should schedule a meeting with his or her committee for the dissertation prospectus approval. The Supervisory Committee will be the same as that listed on the student’s graduate plan of study, with the Faculty Advisor or one of the co-advisors as chair. During the dissertation prospectus meeting, the committee will review the planned dissertation project and progress to date.

Students will submit a document of 10 pages or less describing their proposed dissertation project to their committee at least one week before the dissertation prospectus meeting.  The summary should be organized in standard format of abstract, background, aims, preliminary results, and future work.  During the dissertation prospectus meeting, the student should give a 20 to 30 minute presentation, and then defend their proposed dissertation project. If the dissertation prospectus is not approved by the committee, the student will need to present a revised prospectus to the committee.

Once the committee has approved the Doctoral Dissertation Proposal/Prospectus, the Results of the Doctoral Dissertation Proposal/Prospectus form must be signed by the committee and submitted to the Graduate Advisor.