Software Center

Installing Software from SCCM Software Center

Software Center is part of Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), which
allows Engineering Technical Services (ETS) to deliver, manage, support and update
applications and services across the FSE campus.

Search for “Software Center” on your Windows-based computer:

Find the application you are looking for to install, this can be done either by scrolling or searching:

Once you have found your application, click on “install”

Software Approval Requests

Some applications require “approval requests” due to licensing.

NOTE: Add a comment (give a detailed reason for this application approval request).

Click on “request” and this will generate a notification that will notify your IT Deskside Team to work on your application request.

Software Updates

Implementing Software updates from Software Center

Search for Software Center:

On the left-hand side of software center, click on the “Updates” tab:

Find and select the application that you are looking to update or you can select to install all updates:

If selecting an Application to update on its own, it can be installed:

You can schedule the update for after business hours