Recommended Devices for Students

Fulton Schools of Engineering recommends a minimum set of computer specifications for most entry-level courses. As you advance through your program, your computing needs may increase. Speak to your faculty member(s) about specifications for your program. Minimum Recommendations RAM 16GB Storage 500GB SSD Graphics 4GB Operating System Windows 11 64-bit Multimedia Camera, Microphone Ports USB…

Special Event – Networking

Have a special event a few weeks away? Need augmented WiFi to ensure coverage for a dense population or internet cabled to an unusual space? Please submit a ServiceNow Ticket so we can help. You can also reach out to your Engagement Advisor, or call the Experience Center at 1-855-278-5080.

Google Implements new Security Features to Drive

Google has implemented a new security update to enhance the privacy and security of file-sharing via Google Drive. While users may find their Google Drive files impacted, it is important to note that Google Doc, Sheets, and Slides will not be affected by this update. Find fast facts about this update here, including instructions on…