All Available Services

Most Common

Service NameService DescriptionService UsersService CostService LevelHow to Obtain Service
Central Desktop Management and Software Delivery ServicesWindows software application delivery such as MS Office, Matlab for EngineeringDepartmentFree for FSEEmail [email protected]
Central Desktop Management Windows OS patchingSecure Windows OS patching for Windows client pcs.Faculty / Staff / AdministrativeFree for FSEEmail [email protected]
Central license management, software and site licensingCentrally install and support license managersFaculty / Staff / AdministrativeFree for FSEEmail [email protected]
Computerized instructional lab services (Linux)Install and support software in classrooms and lab computersFaculty / Staff / AdministrativeFree for FSESee MOUEmail [email protected]
Computerized instructional lab services (Windows)Install and support software in classrooms and lab computersFaculty / Staff / AdministrativeFree for FSEEmail [email protected]
Custom Survey DesignAdvanced Survey Design with Webauth integrationFaculty / Staff / AdministrativeFree for FSEContact Jeff Carpenter
Database ServicesCentrally hosts databases accessed by MSAccess or WebsitesFaculty / Staff / AdministrativeFree for FSEEmail [email protected]
Digital Signage ServicesElectronic Display MessagingDepartmentsDepends on configurationEmail [email protected]
DNSDomain Name Service registration for EngineeringFaculty / Staff / AdministrativeFree for FSEEmail [email protected]
Event Tracking SupportEvent Tracking via id card swiping for custom eventsFaculty / Staff / AdministrativeFree for FSEContact Nathan Deneau
Exchange Distribution ListsCustom, Query-Driven Distribution ListsASU Ð Wide Colleges and OrganizationsFree for FSE, Fee for Non-FSE UnitsSee MOUContact Jeff Carpenter
Fulton DatacenterServer hosting in datacenter environment (cooling, UPS, network)Faculty / ResearchersFree (2 circuits, 1 network port, additional resources may require funding)See MOUContact Scott Abbe
ISAAC request systemOnline request system for ISAAC door accessDepartmentsFree for FSE, Fee for non-FSE unitsSee MOUContactMarc Lesure
IT InventoryDepartmental Inventory SystemStaffFree for FSEContact Nathan Deneau
Linux Desktop ServicesSupport for the Linux operating systemFaculty / Staff / AdministrativeFree for FSEEmail [email protected]
RSVP Group Events SignupWeb based RSVP system for eventsFaculty / Staff / AdministrativeFree for FSEContact Jeff Carpenter
Server Support and shared resourcesShared storage for purposes of Home space, Collaborative or Research needsFaculty / Staff / AdministrativeFree for FSEEmail [email protected]
Server-on-Demand (SOD)Virtual serversN/AN/AN/ANo longer offered
SharePoint ServicesCollaborative Web SitesDepartmentsFree for FSEEmail [email protected]
Time and Attendance SupportLeave Request Tracking and reportingASU-Wide (Colleges and Organizations)Free for FSE, Fee for Non-FSE UnitsSeeMOUContact Jeff Carpenter
TrainingApplication training as requiredFaculty / Staff / AdministrativeFree for FSEContact Denise Felsenthal
Web Application DevelopmentCustom Web Application DevelopmentFaculty / Staff / AdministrativeFree for FSEContact Jeff Carpenter
Windows Printing supportCentrally managed secure print queuesFaculty / Staff / AdministrativeFree for FSEEmail [email protected]


ClassroomComputing LabsProvides Computing Labs for Engineering Classroom Specific use
ClassroomDeploymentCreate Application Packages for Deployment to Classrooms
ClassroomDeploymentManage Hardware Purchasing Standards for Unit
ClassroomDeploymentInstall OS, Applications, and manage configuration on local computers
ClassroomDeploymentCreate & Implement Configuration Group Policies
ClassroomDeploymentEnsures Engineering Wall Jacks configured for Engineering VLANS
ClassroomMediaProvide support for Projectors & Multimedia services in Classrooms
ClassroomSupportTroubleshoot hardware problems, resolve warranties with vendors
ClassroomSupportRemediate reported vulnerabilities
ClassroomSupportProvide Windows, Mac OS, Linux OS Support
ClassroomSupportUtilize ServiceNow, SalesForce to complete Service Tickets from Faculty, Staff, Students
ClassroomVirtual ClassroomProvide & Support VDI Classroom
ClassroomVirtual ClassroomProvide Remote Linux Computing Support


DesktopConfigurationCreate & Implement Security and Baseline Group Policies
DesktopDeployment ServicesProvide MDT, SCCM, Casper for Managing OS, Application, and Configuration deployments
DesktopDeployment ServicesProvide Linux OS Installation, Applications and manage configuration on local computers
DesktopDeployment ServicesCreate Application Packages for deployment to Desktops
DesktopEncryptionManage Encryption technologies and Recovery solutions (Casper, MBAM, Winmagic)
DesktopOS SupportProvide Linux Desktop Support
DesktopPurchasingProvides guidance on Hardware standards for Engineering
DesktopSecurityManage systems patching (WSUS, SCCM, Casper, Satellite)
DesktopSecurityManage systems Antivirus/Antimalware (EndPoint Protection)
DesktopSecurityLiaison for found vulnerabilities between Local IT Techs; Provide remediation solutions


InfrastructureData WarehouseCreate web applications connecting to Data Warehouse (Leave Request, Distribution Lists, etc)
InfrastructureData WarehouseCreate Dashboards connecting to Data Warehouse
InfrastructureDirectoryManage FULTON Domain

IT Support

IT SupportInformationMonthly Meetings for Information Dissemination (Desktop Meetings, Desktop Leads Meetings)
IT SupportTicketing SystemProvide Service Catalog for Engineering in ServiceNow
IT SupportTicketing SystemUtilize ServiceNow, SalesForce to complete Service Tickets from Desktop IT Staff, Faculty, Staff, Students


NetworkFirewallMaintains Firewall Rules for Engineering Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Classrooms
NetworkPhysicalMaintains Virtual Routing for Virtualized Server-On-Demand environment
NetworkPhysicalMaintains Engineering VLANS Design & Configuration


ServerInfrastructureMaintain Engineering Infrastructure Servers (Hardware & Software)
ServerServer RoomMaintain Server Room for Hosting Research Servers (cooling, UPS, network)


ServicesAsset ManagementDeveloping Asset Management system (SCSM/Cireson)
ServicesDatabaseProvide SQL Database hosting for Engineering
ServicesISAACProvide Segment Manager for largest ISAAC segment
ServicesSharePointPurchase & Provide SharePoint for Engineering
ServicesWeb ApplicationsLeave Request system
ServicesWeb ApplicationsDeans Scholarship Applications system
ServicesWeb ApplicationsCustom Survey Design
ServicesWeb ApplicationsEvent Tracking via ID Card Swipes
ServicesWeb ApplicationsCustom Exchange Distribution Lists
ServicesWeb ApplicationsISAAC Request System


SoftwareDeployment ServicesProvide MDT, SCCM, Casper for Managing OS, Application, and Configuration deployments
SoftwareLicense ManagersProvide LMs for Engineering specifc software, like SolidWorks (30+)
SoftwareLicensingTrack Site License requirements for Engineering; Track licensing for Engineering applications
SoftwareMyAppsSupport Engineering provided (5) applications on MyApps


StorageDropBoxRequest User/Unit dropbox folders initiation
StorageDropBoxSupport Admins for User’s Dropbox folders, providing Group Management and Backup Restore
StorageDropBoxDeployment support for Dropbox Client, ensuring security compliance with encryption requirements
StorageDropBoxWorking with ASU Enterprise Technology on Enterprise Dropbox requirements (plan for replacing Network Storage)
StorageNetwork StoragePurchases & Provides NetApps storage for Engineering
StorageNetwork StoragePurchases and maintains NetApps storage for Server-On-Demand use
StorageNetwork StorageMaintains storage design, permissions, space allocation, and provides access reports
StorageNetwork StorageMaintains access configuration (DFS, Group Policies) for Domain PCs
StorageNetwork StorageProvides mounting and iSCSI connection support for Server-On-Demand use
StorageSecure StoragePurchases & Provides ‘Secure’ storage for Engineering
StorageSecure StorageProvide Secure Document Management (Docuware)