Classroom Enhancements

New Technology Coming to the Classroom

The look and function of learning environments have significantly changed over the years and have been most apparent in recent months. We have seen an accelerated transformation regarding the use of technology and remote learning. While getting to where we are today was not easy, the terrain was arduous and at times the path was unclear, we can now see the benefits of remote learning and how to use it to supplement the traditional classroom setting.

Learning from this, we have made changes in some classrooms that allow for better communication while hosting an in-person or hybrid classes. These technological changes are currently underway and will be implemented across all labs and classrooms managed by ETS (Engineering Technical Services).

Each room is being upgraded with a digital projector. It can pose a challenge to manage a Zoom audience while teaching an in-person or hybrid class, so we are adding a monitor in the back of the classroom. This monitor can also be used for displaying slides or a lecture outline. It was noted that the sound quality for online students was a candidate for improvement. So, in addition to the lapel mic typically worn by the professor, a ceiling mic is being installed to capture sound in the classroom. This way, students online can better hear their classmates when questions are asked or answered. For now, that leaves us with one last upgrade, each classroom is being fitted with at least two cameras, one focused on the audience and one focused on the professor. You can expect the changes to be in place when classes resume for Spring 2023!

Classrooms Receiving Upgrades: