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Graduate student resources

Get set up for success

Check out the resources below for essential forms and information as a graduate student in the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering.

Graduate program handbook

New MSE, MS and PhD students should refer to this guide for information about their program, classes and requirements.

Current students should refer to this guide to ensure that they are meeting their program requirements.

It is the responsibility of each student to understand and observe all procedures and requirements set by the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, Graduate CollegeInternational Students and Scholar Center, and University Registrar Services. If you have any questions about these requirements, please speak to your assigned academic advisor.

See also the ASU graduate policies.

Download the graduate program handbook (PDF)

Graduate resources


This page contains needed forms for graduate students.

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Graduate course prerequisites and topics

Learn more about the graduate courses available and the prerequisite courses you’ll need to take to prepare for them.

Graduate curricular practical training and internship information

This page contains important information you’ll need to know about enrolling in curricular practical training and internships at the graduate level.

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Skill verification letter

This page contains information about how to request a letter from an instructor verifying the skills that you’ve learned in the course of your education.

MSE portfolio guide and three-year course plans

As of the spring 2023 semester, the electrical engineering MSE program no longer requires a written comprehensive exam as the culminating event. Students are now required to complete a portfolio based on seminar attendance. Students are required to attend seminars hosted by the department in the last semester of their program, answer questions on the seminars and show proof of attendance.

Through answering questions about the seminar, students will demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the topics presented, how it relates to what they have learned in the program, and how they might use this knowledge in the future.

Students will be emailed each semester about seminars and the requirements. Additionally, information will be on the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering website, along with the questions that students must answer and the submission deadline. Students are encouraged to speak with their assigned academic advisors if they have questions about this degree requirement.

Please refer to the document below for information about the MSE portfolio.

Download the MSE portfolio guide

We have compiled a listing of graduate classes in electrical engineering to be offered over a period of about three years. It is useful for preparing the plan of study (iPOS) for graduate students and planning your technical electives for undergraduate students. The listings show all of the classes by area, which is also needed in preparation of the iPOS. Tempe campus offerings and online offerings are shown separately. These plans are subject to change and are not guaranteed.

Download plan for campus courses (Excel)

Download plan for online courses (Excel)