Industry – Partner with us

The School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering at ASU is committed to having a large impact on the electrical industry. We have centers conducting groundbreaking research to further industry growth, including the Flexible Display Center, where lightweight and flexible materials are being used to produce advanced electronic systems.

The Center for Applied Nanoionics developed a new memory storage technology called a programmable Metallization Cell, which uses less energy to store larger quantities of information than current solid-state storage. This PMC-technology was licensed to Adesto, a technology company, and was put into production at the start of 2012.

ASU NanoFab is a facility that offers services in nanofabrication to both ASU students and local industry, from start-up companies to large organizations. They offer services in a broad range of fields, from biosystems and chemistry to inorganic materials.

We are fortunate to have the IEEE Phoenix Chapter nearby, and affiliated student chapters to benefit our students with industry relations, experiences and networking.

Our Industry Advisory Council consists of 18 representatives from local industry corporations including among others, Motorola, Lockheed Martin, APS and IBM.

Our industry ties have been generous in their Gifts to ECEE. We have received hardware and software to benefit our research and educational programs.