Gustavo Mora Gamez

Gustavo Mora Gamez started his time as a student at Arizona State University in the Fall 2023 semester to pursue a degree in electrical engineering. His passion for pursuing such a degree began years before applying to ASU when he led a robotics club in middle school. In this club, he had a lot of fun coding and constructing a robot.

This encouraged Gustavo to take an intro to an engineering course in high school, where he excelled at creating successful contraptions and prototypes. In the class, he found that through engineering he could help improve the lives of others.

Gustavo’s older siblings inspired him to pursue an engineering degree because they had both pursued degrees in engineering and told him, “School will be hard, but when you graduate, you won’t regret going through it all.”

Outside of his classes, he joined ASU’s Grand Challenges Scholars Program, or GCSP, where he is tasked with trying to solve one of the many grand challenges that the world faces. The challenge that Gustavo chose was to improve water conditions around the world.

He was inspired by witnessing people during his travels drinking dirty water in order to survive. This made Gustavo aim to better the quality of water that is drunk throughout the world.

He joined ASU’s chapter of Engineering Projects in Community Service, or EPICS, where he participated in a project that aimed to improve desalination in Africa. The students involved intended to use the ocean next to Africa to supply citizens with clean drinking water. Another project he joined through EPICS aimed to restore the coral reefs in Vietnam.

Gustavo’s advice for students:

“There will be sunny days and there will be rainy days. Don’t be sad that it’s sunny, because plants and animals need sunlight to survive. Also, do not be sad that it’s raining, because the rain prevents droughts from happening. This can be applied to everyday life. Even if your day seems to go horribly wrong, find a reason to smile. It will make your day a whole lot better.”

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