Broadening horizons of cutting-edge computing

Deliang Fan has nothing less than bold expectations for his endeavors to expand the capabilities of computing systems and technologies. His far-reaching aspirations involve designing advanced computational hardware to help innovate in some of the most technologically complex areas of engineering and science.

He especially wants to make significant advances in high-performance, energy-efficient computing for big data processing and make big steps in developing more vigorous artificial intelligence, or AI, computing.

Fan, an electrical and computer engineer and assistant professor in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering  at Arizona State University, says his ultimate goal is to “design, implement and conduct the experimentation to validate the performance of a new hybrid in-memory computing system.”

In-memory computing is a way of running computer calculations entirely in computer memory. For example, random-access memory, or RAM, is short-term memory where data is stored as needed by a computer’s processor.

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